Straightening system for frames of heavy commercial trucks SIVER T

A rail system, embedded in concrete flush with the concrete floor forms the basis of the system.

As pulling devices horizontal pullers and vertical jacks are used. Additionally a high-front support and chains with retainer are provided.

Vehicle and pulling devices attachment

The vehicle’s attachment to the frame is accomplished with two opposite acting forces.

Floor-mounted module frame SIVER T

Floor-mounted frame components

SIVER T frame

A set of rails - 1 set

Frame dimensions - 4,7 m х 16 m

horizontal plane

Frame repair in horizontal plane

To repair a frame skewing in horizontal plane a force created by the horizontal puller shall be applied, while reference points shall be installed opposite. To adjust the force application height “force triangles“ are provided, installed bot on the pulling device and on the supports.

Horizontal puller

Horizontal puller - 2 pcs.

Handy wheels for motion
Removable handle
Set of anchors
Force of hydraulic cylinder 20 t
Rod stroke - 28 cm
Spacing between pulling devices - 80 mm

Horizontal support

Horizontal support - 1 pcs.

Handy wheels for motion
Removable handle
Set of anchors

set of pulling supports

A set of pulling supports with a set of locks

Big triangle – 3 pcs.
Small triangle – 2 pcs.
Extension piece – 2 pcs.
Bolt with nut – 6 pcs.
Pin – 14 pcs.

vertical plane

Frame repair in vertical plane

To repair a frame skewing in vertical plane the vertical pulling device is used , while the frame is fixed with chains and rollers. 

Vertical jack

Vertical jack- 2 pcs.

Equipped with spring-loaded wheels for fast and comfortable movement.
Minimum height - 500
Maximum height - 1126
Rod stroke - 300 mm
Height adjustment step - 50 mm
Hydraulic cylinder force - 20 t.

Anchor rollers Anchor rollers

Anchor rollers

Are used to attach the vehicle’s frame to the rail system, as well as to change the pulling direction.
Large - 2 pcs.
Small - 2 pcs.

G clamps

Hydraulic G clamps are used to repair frame kinks.

The system comes complete with a G clamp with a 10 t hydraulic cylinder.
A 20 t G clamp is available optionally.


Pneumohydraulic power unit

Control by 4 hydraulic cylinders simultaneously
Force monitoring with a pressure gauge
Operational pressure 7-14 bar
Oil tank volume 7,5 liter

Pulling tower

Pulling tower


Illustrative examples of using the SIVER T


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