Pit racks are designed for car and light commercial vehicle wheel measurement and alignment. Thanks to high lifting capacity (5 t), pit racks can be used even for armored vehicles.

Advantages of pit racks over hydraulic lifts:
  • No requirement in high ceilings
  • No towers / posts obstructing the heads on wide-track vehicle wheels
  • Maintenance free (periodic realignment, brake cable tightening, hydraulic system servicing: replacement of glands, fluid, filters)
  • Extremely reliable – incorporates no electrics or electronics
  • An operator is faster to descend into and climb from the pit than the lifting gear to lift and lower


  • 5 t lifting capacity
  • Ideal for low ceiling spaces.
  • Custom designed for wheel alignment:
    • Comes complete with rear slip plates.
    • Recesses for turnplates

Installation tips:

A pit is to be manufactured according to local building regulations. Taking into consideration the feedback from our customers, we recommend the following pit configuration:

Pit with comments2.png Pit2.JPG

Jacking beam selection:

The SIVERCP-1 pit racks incorporate the guides fitted on inner faces to facilitate the jacking beam installation.


Length 4365 mm
Width 600 mm
Lift capacity 5000 kg
Weight 720 kg

Producer reserves the right to make changes in design and set of products without prior notice!