Turnplates help to unload the front axle for correct wheel measurement / alignment.
To be used in tandem with a hydraulic lift or pit racks.

  • Suitable for use on hydraulic lifts and pit racks fitted with recesses for turnplates both 40 and 50 mm high.
  • High corrosion resistance thanks to zinc-plated and paint coatings of surfaces.
  • Extremely wear resistant lubricant-free bearings thanks to high-tech polymeric materials.
  • Suitable for application with standard turnplate bridges available in Hunter DSP600, HawkEye, HawkEye Elite Multi-D wheel alignment bench packages.
  • Handle for convenient carrying and installation.
  • 6 month warranty.


Length 356 mm
Width 356 mm
Height 40/50 mm
Maximum load capacity 1300 kg

Producer reserves the right to make changes in design and set of products without prior notice!