Pulling system SIVER B is intended for collision repair of damaged vehicles in weight up to 2000 kg. The SIVER B equipped with a hydraulic lift. The model features unique design and facilitates easy vehicle installation since it requires no additional accessories. All equipment supplied with Certificate of conformity to safety requirements. SIVER B features quality check, mobility, easy storage and reasonable price.

Pulling system SIVER B is being manufactured for 15 years (previous name of system Expert2000) and by now produced more than 5000 models! During all this years pulling system recommended itself as perfect equipment for collision repair of damaged vehicles in conditions of small car services

Combining reasonable price and high mobility, the model can serve as:

  • standard universal pulling system for car body straightening in the body shop
  • additional pulling system in congested body shops handling heavy seasonal workload


The SIVER B pulling system has a welded frame of dimensions ideal for light vehicle body straightening.

The pulling system frame is equipped with two wheels and two removable supports.

Equipped with two swivel wheels and two removable front supports.


SIVER B is a mobile pulling system easily transferred on hard coat with the help of a mobile hydraulic jack.


For the period of downtime in car body repairs, the system can be easily folded and stowed along the wall.

Pulling devices

Two different pulling devices, each equipped with a 10 t hydraulic cylinder.


A double-pivot pulling device facilitates creation of the counter traction and additional securing of the vehicle body on the pulling system deck.


A triple-pivot pulling device offers more flexible selection of the counter traction direction.


Pulling devices can be fitted at 7 points in 140 optional positions.

Vehicle installation

Unique design of the pulling system facilitates easy and quick vehicle installation.


1. Install the hydraulic cylinder on the pulling system frame (to be removed from the pulling device).

Dismount_front_support_ Siver_B.png

2. Use the mobile hydraulic jack to lift the frame, then remove front supports and lower the frame.


3. Install front access ramps, and place a trolley nearby.


4. Roll a vehicle on the trolley so that one axle is located on the trolley.


5. Move the vehicle along the frame, put intermediate ramps and roll the vehicle so that the second axle is on the ramps.


6. Secure the vehicle with anchoring clamps.

Lift_up_The car_Siver_B.png

7. Lift and lock anchoring clamp rods in the working position.

8. Place the hydraulic jack under the frame bracket:
  • Lift the frame with the vehicle
  • Install the supports
  • Lower the frame and put aside the hydraulic jack
  • Reinstall the hydraulic cylinder on the pulling device

Vehicle attachment

Anchoring clamps are used to safely secure a vehicle on the pulling system frame.


Anchoring clamps are vehicle width/length adjustable.

  • Center-to-center distance between front and rear clamps is 860 to 1420 mm (5 points at 140 mm spacing).
  • Width between clamp centers is 1060 to 1755 mm.

For repair of vehicles having no body sill flanging, special adaptors are recommended.

Ease of use

The pulling system features ergonomic design.

The main repair area is located below the vehicle window line, so a vehicle can be placed at a height convenient for operation. Body sills of a vehicle arranged on the pulling system will be located at a height of 700 mm, and the window line – at a height of 1600 mm. To handle top points, access ramps can be used as supports.



Frame length (m) 3,8
Frame width (m) 1,0
Width with swivel arms (m) 1,8
Working space requirements (m) 7 х 4
Height with PU (m) 1,6
Weight (with 2 PU, kg) 1000
Lift capacity (kg) 2000
Hydraulics (t) 10


Frame assembly 1 pc. 1 pc.
2-hinges pulling device 1 pc.
3-hinges pulling device 1 pc. 1 pc.
Hydraulic cylinder 1 pc. 2 pcs.
Anchoring clamps 4 pcs. (2 wide, 2 narrow) 4 pcs. (2 wide, 2 narrow)
Ramps 2 pcs. 2 pcs.
Accessory set: 1. Metal box - 1 pc.
2. Chain 8Р107 – 1 pc.
3. Chain link C903 – 1 pc.
4. Clamp C101 – 1 pc.
5. Clamp С102NN – 1 pc.
6. Clamp С302 – 1 pc.
7. Clamp С601N – 1 pc.
1. Metal box - 1 pc.
2. Chain 8Р107 – 2 pcs.
3. Chain link C903 – 2 pcs.
4. Clamp C101 – 1 pc.
5. Clamp С102NN – 1 pc.
6. Clamp С302 – 1 pc.
7. Clamp С601N – 1 pc.

Shipping specifications:

  • temporary supports
  • metal tiedown
  • heat-shrink film
  • Length: 3800 mm
  • Width: 1000 mm
  • Height: 242 mm
  • Weight: 700 kg (SIVER B-110); 800 kg (SIVER B-210)

Producer reserves the right to make changes in design and set of products without prior notice!