Cab bench SIVER TC is designed for all brands of truck cabs. The equipment has a certificate of compliance with safety requirements.

The Bench consists of a 3x3 m platform, 2 tower-type pulling devices (10 t) and mainstays with carriages for fixing the cab.

Versatility is the main advantage of the SIVER TC.

It provides reliable fastening of the cabs of almost any truck

Mainstays move on a platform with a step of 5 mm. Carriages with various adapters move along mainstays. This allows you to attach the cab to any mounting point.

Tower-type pulling devices with a height of 3 m are equipped with 10 t hydraulic cylinders and allow you to quickly and efficiently repair the geometry of the vertical elements of the frame and the roof.

Pulling devices are located directly on the platform, equipped with durable rollers. “Towers” easily move around the platform, creating a working area of 360°.

The quick lock device locks the power device in any selected location fast and reliably.

The platform consists of 2 parts. It is mounted on a frame with 4 adjustable legs. Bench can be installed on any solid area. The total weight of the Cab Bench less than 2 tons.

SIVER TC is certified and complies with safety standards.



Platform assembly on the frame 1 pc.
Pulling device with hydraulic cylinder 10 t. 2 pcs.
Air-hydraulic pump with hose 2 pcs.
Movable mainstay 2 pcs.
Carriage 4 pcs.
Spar mount adapter 4 pcs.
Down pull attachment 1 pc.
Accessory set: 1. Metal box - 1 pc.
2. Chain 3/8" 5m with a hook - 2 pcs.
3. Chain link – 2 pc.
4. Self tightening clamp 5t - 1 pc.
5. Box clamp (two-way) 3t – 1 pc.
6. Mini clamp (two-way) 3t – 1 pc.
7. Frame rack clamp (two-way) 5t – 1 pc.
8. Deep hook set – 1 pc.

Optional accessories

Cab mount adapter for mounting points 4 pcs.
Flange mount adapter 4 pcs.
Support cab mount adapter 4 pcs.
Extension for carriage (250-500 mm) 2 pcs.

Producer reserves the right to make changes in design and set of products without prior notice!