Car body 3D measuring system
Innovative electronic measuring system incorporated all the best functions of existing systems on the automotive market!

Saves time and increases your profit!


The measuring part of the system consists of only two units: pointer and measuring beam equipped with cameras. There are not any complicated mechanical constructions, no gauges, no adapters, no sensors, etc. Therefore, you don’t need to spend precious time on installation and calibration of the system. Cameras track the position of the pointer, and system immediately indicates exact coordinates of measured point and its deviation compared to database.


The measurements accuracy is just 1-2 mm, whereas car manufacturers’ require 3 mm.


Allows measuring separate elements and spare parts as assembled as well as taken off the car. The system allows to measure easily both lowerbody and upperbody (such as doors and windows). No any additional accessories or adaptors are required for upper-body measurements. All measurements are made only by pointer held just by palm. No inconvenient rulers and tape-measures!


The system is compatible with any types of car body straightening systems: racks, benches, floor systems.


The system does not require any installations. The same system could be used with different benches. It’s just enough of two-post lift for inspection of vehicle’s body condition.


There are neither any precise mechanics, nor electromechanical parts in the system. Minimum amount of cables. That is very important in car shops where there are lots of sparks and vibrations.


The system consists of cabinet with computer and measuring beam with console. There is no need in storage systems which would prevent loss of any small parts, such as adapters, gauges, sensors, etc.


The database of the system includes information about control points for upper-body and lower-body, with parts-on and parts-off. The most of control points are shown in photos.


Straightforward and user-friendly software together with voice tips help to do all the measurements, print and save an order as easy as possible. Results can be saved or printed at any stage of work. There is no need to learn any schemes or to do complex calculations – all necessary information is displayed on the screen.


The cost of the system in several times less than most popular electronic measuring systems. Quick R.O.I. The payback period is short.